Do you know that a lot of products are much more cheaper in the US than in other countries? For example Apple iPhone. In 2017 price of iPhone 7 is $1.115 in Brazil which is one of the highest price in the world! On the other hand you can buy it in the US just for $815! There is an idea that you can buy your iPhone in United States and then ship it to your home country, for example Brazil. The problem is that a lot of US shops like Apple, Amazon, Bestbuy and so on don’t ship their products internationally but with Planet Express you don’t have to worry about it.

Planet Express is Mail and Package Forwarding Service. After sign up you get your own US address where you can ship for example iPhone from Apple store or any other packages from US shops. Then you can just forward your package anywhere in the world with one of shipping methods that Planet Express offers. They have clear pricing without any hidden fees so you can easy calculate if shopping in US shops pays of.

One thing which I like the most is that you can consolidate your packages so if you have for example 4 packages at Planet Express, they consolidate all your packages into one just for $5 and thanks to it you can save a lot of money on shipping. Cool, right? :)