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To-Done is a site I started almost on a whim. An office mate of mine had recommended I check out Getting Things Done by David Allen. I’d read a few similar books and always found them helpful and interesting, so I picked it up. It’s a great book.

I started thinking about it and realized that I’d always been someone who was into this stuff, and someone who liked sharing my own processes, tips and tricks. After all, what fun is a vacation or party if everyone else has work on the brain! Since I’d been into writing, and I’m always up for a challenge and a way to talk to new people, I figured a Web site on the topic would be great.

In any case, I hope you enjoy To-Done and that you find something of use to you here! Thanks for reading!

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  1. Casey says:


    I enjoy reading your website as you have some great tips and links for anyone looking to get on the right track in life. However, I would like to see more personal topics such being insecure and what causes it and how to overcome it both in your personal dealings and in the workplace. I know you have the confidence piece and it’s very good and inspirational, but sometimes our personal insecurities flow over into the work atmosphere and we struggle even more. Just a thought. Thanks.


  2. SalesBrief says:

    Getting Things Done

    Getting Things Done – blogs focused on productivity are becoming more popular every day. Blogs like D. Keith Robinson’s To-Done (9rules network), Lifehacker and Signal vs. Noise are all including posts designed to help you accomplish more everyday. H…

  3. Dustin says:

    Hey this is a great site. Thanks for all the great tips!

  4. Google Desktop hints

    Kudos to Lifehacker for pointing me to Bob Walsh’s recent informative contribution to the To-Done: Working to Live blog, entitled GTD and Google Desktop (GTD = Getting Things Done).
    The post takes a look at how with Google Desktop:
    * Most …

  5. Cale says:

    Thanks for all of the tips and thoughts. This site always brings a fresh perspective to work-related issues.

  6. Zach Goldfarb says:


    I am interested in writing an article for the Post on productivity blogs.

    Could you give me numbers I can reach you at and good times?



    Zachary Goldfarb
    The Washington Post
    1150 15th Street NW
    Washington, DC 20071
    Office: (202) 334-5543
    Cell: (917) 439-2306
    [email protected]

  7. Rose says:

    Keith. I too have enjoyed my time at your blog. I for one will be returning.

  8. Ken Brussack says:

    Read your intro re: starting your own business…
    Being easily approachable, fun work with, “works well with others” etc.
    Too long I’ve seen management stress the wrongs, look for a scapegoat and “reward” accordingly.
    Why not stress the positive and address shortcomings in a positive “what can I/we do do solve this or that” manner…?
    The bottom line may be the profit but there would be no bottom line without the people that work the front lines.
    Good book, simple approach and timely: QBQ-The Question Behind the Question by John Miller addresses personal accountability ie: it starts with ME!.
    Look forward to your comments.

  9. I really enjoy your work and your ideas, please reconsider the idea of stopping this website.

    Thanks in advance.

    Frank Mori

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  11. Hello again Keith,

    I just want to make sure you received my last email detailing our potential partnership. If you have any questions feel free to contact me. We currently work with Leon over at LifeHack.org and I feel that our service would be a great fit for To-Done.com as well.

    Best Regards,


    Daniel Frignito
    Alliance Program Manager
    Netline Corporation
    (P) 267.880.0434
    (F) 267.880.0460

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