We all experience moments of change in our lives. In can be a tragedy, like the folks in Louisiana coping with the effects of a major disaster, or it can be something good, like me getting married. Sometimes we force change and sometimes it’s forced upon us. Change comes in all shapes and sizes and can be a very disruptive force in our lives.

Even small changes, like a rip-roarin’ summer, can throw us out of balance. Sometimes it’s as simple as a routine, or good habit, being broken. If enough time has passed and enough disruption has occurred, it can be hard to get back on track. Part of a maintaining a good work/life balance is taking a break now and again. The problem lies in that sometimes, a break is such a disruption you can lose momentum in various aspects of your life.

In my experience the best way to get back to normal (or what feels like normal) is to take a holistic approach as opposed on taking on one aspect of your life at a time.

Below are a few steps that I’ve used in the past to help me back to normal after a significant break of routine or other change. My hope is that they’ll be helpful to you as well.

h3. A holistic approach to handling change

* Clean and order your living and work areas. One of the most stressful and disruptive things you can deal with is a messy and chaotic home or office. It’ll hang over your head and be a constant reminder of something that’s a roadblock to normalcy.
* Do mundane tasks first. Need to take out the trash, or do some laundry? Do those things as quickly as you can. They’ll help you feel ordered and like your making progress.
* Schedule a daily routine and stick to it. Try and give yourself some regular tasks to do every day. Try and wake up at the same for a few weeks. Get a rhythm going.
* Eat well. Avoid junk food and eat regular meals.
* Get some exercise. When your experiencing change, even if it’s back to something you consider normal, you will experience stress. Exercise, hopefully as part of your daily routine, can really help take your mind off things.
* Make sure you’re sleeping well. When dealing with change you’re body and mind will need time rest. Make sure you take time to sleep.
* Keep talking and keep laughing. Changes can be hard on people, even good changes. Talking about things and taking time to have a little fun can make a world of difference.
* Ask for help if you need it. No one should go through changes alone.
* Try and think positively. Depending on the kind of changes you’re experiencing, this can be very hard, but do your best. A positive way of thinking can make a really big difference.

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  1. Chris says:

    I really enjoyed reading your site and todays post really hit home. My wife and I just welcomed our second child into our home and it has been more than stressfull. I think that after going through your list we may be able to regain some sanity.

  2. Speaking of change …

    On the topic of change I read a great article in one of the blogs that I read (To-Done) on how to deal with change. It includes a very simple but useful list of ways to deal with change holistically. Definately check it out.

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  4. How To Deal With Change

    How To Deal With Change

    We all experience moments of change in our lives. In can be a tragedy, like the folks in Louisiana coping with the effects of a major disaster, or it can be something good, like me getting married. Sometimes we force change an…

  5. J Donald says:

    Sage advice. I realized, reading your piece, that the “regimen” you describe is one that I’ve unconsciously learned to follow (well, mostly) when things get overwhelming. It’s helpful to have it spelled out, and is a good reminder for how we all need to seek balance sometimes. Thanks for sharing this!

  6. Penny says:

    Your article is right on the money. My mother passed this summer and getting back on track has been difficult. I am a teacher so now that school is back in session my daily routine has returned. Going through possessions has been stressful but at the same time is adding order to my life. I am trying to focus on the wonderful memories to keep this life change positive. Thank you for spelling out these very simple but useful steps.

  7. You have some real good advice for change. I’ve always believe that “the Only constant in life is that things change”. I wrote a blog about change back in April:
    and some tips on how to handle change:

    It’s funny, because we’d had at least one major change every year in our lives for the last 5 years; I could use a break! ;-)

    Hope those links help!


  8. This was great advice man. I was affected hard by hurricane katrina and my house was flooded. Its been almost 5 months and we are finally moving back home…but its not the same. First off, coping with these past months has been very hard and now …our house is different then it used to be. You never know a good thing when u have it…it is very upsetting to me….I hope taking ur advice will work.

  9. sav says:

    I have chosen to do my speech on Change and your words have really helped.

  10. isha says:

    I’ve read you article on dealing with change and I found it helpful. I will be facing a big change in my career and love life soon. Just thinking of it already gives me hard time coping with it so I may start applying your advice now to my daily endeavors. Thanks and more power!

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