A quick preface to this new “resource” category: Just like many of you I’m still working on my work/life balance. I’m learning to GTD, be more productive and keep stress levels down. It’s an ongoing process that I feel will last a lifetime. Lifelong learning is very important to me and always will be. As I learn and discover resources, I’m going to share them here. Some of these might be old news. If that’s the case, consider these quick posts a little reminder. You never know when something might come in handy.

Resource: The Getting Things Done Public Forum

Last night I spent some time over at David Allen’s Getting Things Done Forum. I found lots of great stuff there, from fairly active discussions on GTD to a pointer to the “original” GTD workflow chart.

You’ve got to register to begin a thread, but it’s pretty painless and could open you up to a great support system.

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  1. JLP says:

    I am having a terrible time seperating my time into business/family. I work from home and spend a tremendous amount of time trying to build my blog, AllThingsFinancial. Anyway, I came across this blog in an article in the Wall Street Journal. I have mentioned your blog in a post on my blog and plan to come back and visit.


  2. Very Nice GTD resource. Thanks for pointing out that forum.

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