Josh on January 4th, 2006

by Josh I think it’s probably safe to say that a very large percentage of computer users have, at some point, either purchased or sold something on eBay. And the same percentage of users who have bought or sold have seen the either extremely brief product descriptions or the descriptions that are so long that […]

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admin on July 26th, 2005

Resource: Blinksale, a lightweight, easy to use, online invoicing application. My friends over at Firewheel Design have launched a great new Web based tool that any small business owner should check out. It’s called Blinksale, and it’s a great, easy to use and learn tool for sending and managing invoices online. From the site: Blinksale […]

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admin on June 21st, 2005

Resource: GTD/Covey Diagrams for D*I*Y Planners As a very visual learner, I love these kinds of diagrams. They’ll often really help me get my mind around something and more importanly, keep it there. The 8-page kit includes the following diagrams, both on odd pages (”fronts”) and even pages (”backs”), so you can choose how you […]

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admin on June 9th, 2005

Resource: Successful Blog I’ve had so much great feedback on my “Be a more productive blogger” post that I’ve decided to dedicate a Web site (and blog) to the concept. Way back I did a series of posts over at Asterisk on how to design, build and maintain a successful blog. Those posts were very […]

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admin on June 8th, 2005

Resource: wikiHow: A how-to wiki Via Wired comes news of a great resource for DIYers: wikiHow. What you’ll find on wikiHow are all sorts of how-tos. Everything from making martinis to how to construct a septic system. How-tos are submitted by users and are fairly detailed in the main. The search feature is pretty good […]

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admin on June 2nd, 2005

Resource: Getting Started With “Getting Things Done” Merlin Mann (who’s 43 Folders is a great resource in of itself) has provided the ultimate introduction to the world of personal productivity and Getting Things Done (GTD). This was as close to a formal introduction as I had to the whole idea that there was any sort […]

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admin on June 2nd, 2005

Resource: Notes from Getting Things Done by David Allen These easy to follow, yet amazingly complete, notes can be very helpful for those just who are either new to “getting things done” or who might need a quick refresher. I don’t recommend these as a substitute for reading the book, but if you’d like to […]

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