Resource: Getting Started With “Getting Things Done”

Merlin Mann (who’s 43 Folders is a great resource in of itself) has provided the ultimate introduction to the world of personal productivity and Getting Things Done (GTD). This was as close to a formal introduction as I had to the whole idea that there was any sort of community resources for GTD and was one of the things that got me sold on the idea that; as productive as I felt I was, I could still learn a thing or three.

It really is a great place to start if you want to take the leap and try to be more productive, less stressed and get more things done.

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  1. JLP says:

    I haven’t yet read GTD by David Allen. But, I’m ordering it and hopefully will get a chance to read it soon. I need to do something. With all the stuff I have going on, I have to do something.

    One book that is pretty good is Brian Tracy’s Eat That Frog.



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