By Bob Walsh

A few days ago thanks to Keith’s kind invitation, I talked about how the new free beta of Google’s desktop search engine can make your e-mail life easier. I say e-mail life, because odds are good if you are reading this, you spend a good part of your life answering and writing e-mail!

In this post, I’d like to share with you a simple Google/Outlook trick that will immediately improve your productivity in certain common situations.

Now, we all know Outlook’s New Item alerts are like little leaches that suck away your focus, time and attention, right?

Do not do this at home; do not do this at work!

Do not do this at home; do not do this at work!

Over the past few years, I’ve seen about a dozen business executives and managers respond like Pavlov’s Dog to the ding of an incoming e-mail. The more dings, the more they could respond, the more they could do something, even though it was anywhere from a complete waste of time to responding to something they should do later.

Being a writer, a micro-ISV and a contract programmer, I can’t afford to be cattle prodded out every five minutes out as I’m coding or writing: a slew of these interruptions completely ruin a Flow (more on what I call Butterfly Stroke Productivity in a future post here.). So I’ve set Outlook to never interrupt me as a rule.

But on the other hand, there are times when you damn well better be ready to respond to an email, heads down being productive or not. So, how are you going to know about a must-read email from a client, or God Forbid, an Editor? Google Search in Sidebar mode is the answer.

Here’s a picture of part of my desktop recently. I’ve in a Flow, but I had to keep an eye out for an email I needed to respond to. Instead of letting Outlook Email Alerts out of its cage, I let Google Search morph into its Sidebar mode.

Watch, but don't touch, your email while you're getting things done.

Watch, but don’t touch, your email while you’re getting things done.

With Google in Sidebar mode I could watch my email flow, but not get engaged in it until and if the email I was waiting for came by (It was the AdWords email, but that’s another story.)

Another great advantage is that I could in 10 seconds flat write a note to myself in the Scratch Pad Panel of Google’s Sidebar, then later do it if it only took a minute or add it to my MasterList Professional without breaking my concentration. Depending on what you’re world looks like, you can watch news headlines, weather, RRS feeds and IM flow by in Google Sidebar, but not lose your focus on the task at hand.

I’m dead certain that as Google pumps more developer resources into this whole Sidebar thing, this tool is going to get ever more useful. Add in Microsoft’s totally coincidental resurrection of the Sidebar in Vista and I think you’ll be seeing more of this kind non-invasive information flow management.

The worse thing you can do for your productivity is let others control your attention!

Author Bio: Bob Walsh divides his time between improving and selling MasterList Professional, a personal task management application, writing a book for Apress (Micro-ISV: From Vision to Reality) on how to start a self-funded startup, blogging here and at, writing custom software applications for companies with needs and budgets and trying to remember what the words “time off” and “vacation” mean. He can be reached at [email protected].

11 Comments on GTD and Google Desktop, Part 2

  1. Andrew says:

    Good point, there’s nothing worse than being interrupted by an email client all the time.

    One thing though, I think your images may be in the wrong order in this posting! :-)

  2. Bob Walsh says:

    Hi Andrew,

    Nope – first the dreaded Outlook Alerts dialog, then what Google Sidebar looks like, at least when I a) am working but b) need to watch for 1 or more emails.


  3. Chris says:

    Thanks for the tip. After reading your article I did realize that I find myself constantly stopping my work flow even family time to respond to the ding.

  4. Mark says:

    Outlook 2003 has a pop-up mini window that appears for about 5 seconds and shows you who is sending an email and a brief summary. It achieves the same thing you’re doing here, but without the need for the Google sidebar.

  5. Bob Walsh says:


    I disagree, for one reason. I choose when to look at Google SB, not the other way around.

    The problem with the whole alerts user interface is what I’d call the destruction of the [desktop] commons: everyone has a good reason for their little 5 second popup; but its my productivity that gets ruined.

  6. Norris says:

    Just discovered Lifehacker – wow! We have the GroupWise email system installed here (no Outlook) so would it be possible to do what you are describing using GroupWise? TIA

  7. I do agree that email auto-notifications are focus-killers – but it seems to me that Google’s side bar is not the best solution for this. Looking at your screenshot above, the sidebar contains a lot of distracting information.

    Why not create a rule instead? Outlook has built-in quick rules for this:
    – Display mail from someone in the New Alert Window
    – Play a sound when I get messages from someone
    – Send an alert to my mobile device when I get messages from someone

    It takes about 5 seconds to do and it leaves you screen totally uncluttered.

  8. Bob Walsh says:

    Hi Thomas,

    Outlook rules can work in some circumstances, such as when your boss emails you. But what if you have say 5 clients, unknown potential customers and need to to tech support for a Micro-ISV product you sell?

    Then Outlook rules breaks down.

    As for the Google SD’s distracting – sometimes, but I find I treat it sort of like a rear-view mirror – a quick scan every so often and if my eye catches something I’d better react to, then deal with that.

  9. Hugo says:

    Another _free_ alternative to google desktop for non-intrusive new mail alerts: desktop sidebar ( I’ve been using it at work for several months now and I’m very, very happy with it.

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  11. bobb says:

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