Hey y’all. Welcome to 2006. Last year was a crazy year and a great one for To-Done. I wanted to thank all the readers for, well, reading and participating and helping to make To-Done a big hit. It’s been really fun.

This year I’m going to mix things up a bit and I’ve brought on someone to help. His name is Josh. Josh Pigford.

Josh Pigford owns an interactive development firm in the Denver, CO area called Sabotage Media (http://sabotagemedia.com). He’s got a lovely wife and a 6 month old pug named Baxter. He’s also got what he calls, “the unfortunate disease of being obsessed with productivity and hacking life.”

I’m really looking forward to Josh’s help and hopefully that’ll mean more productivity goodness here at To-Done as well as some quality (and stress-free) content from yours truly. So, join me in welcoming Josh and have a happy, healthy, productive and stress-free new year everyone!

3 Comments on Introducing Josh Pigford

  1. I work with Josh a bit. He’s all hype…

    ;) Kidding of course.
    congrats to Josh and to-done!

  2. Welcome, Josh. As a sparse contributor to To-Done, I’m looking forward to seeing more posts.

  3. Dan says:

    Congratulations Josh!

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