by Josh

I think it’s probably safe to say that a very large percentage of computer users have, at some point, either purchased or sold something on eBay. And the same percentage of users who have bought or sold have seen the either extremely brief product descriptions or the descriptions that are so long that you could never possibly weed out the “real” info.

Enter audio. With the debut of services like Odeo, it’s easier than ever to publish audio content on the web. So what is being suggested here? Podcast your eBay auction! Simply record your product description and then link to the audio on your eBay auction. You’d still want to include a written description for obvious reasons, but using an audio description sure would set your auction apart.

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7 Comments on Spice up your eBay auctions with audio

  1. Marcel Fahle says:

    I’ve got no example right now, but a good friend of mine features his auctions mostly with flash videos describing his products.
    That’s a great way too to describe your products.

  2. Noesis says:

    Odeo on eBay?

    Software such as Odeo brings recording audio to the masses a step closer, and it is free. Such audio services are being published on the net, with very little consideration re accessibility issues, solutions and moreover even flagging it is…

  3. Paul says:

    Ahh, my dad’s friend also does that, Marcel. It’s a really unique way of selling items and people are often so impressed by it that they are more likely to bid for an item.

  4. Julian says:

    Nice Blog…i also do that… (:

    Thx from (Ebay9)

  5. all

    More information on this topic is here

  6. all

    More information on this topic is here

  7. Podcasting to Enhance Your eBay Auctions

    (Via To-Done)
    Mark O’Neill is integrating podcasts into his ebay auctions.
    “After discovering a great website for making audio files and RSS feeds, I am now offering audio descriptions of my eBay auctions and RSS feeds for people to keep up…

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