by Josh

This post is me gathering some info for a future post…a survey, if you will.

Basically what I’d like to know is if you shower in the evening, before you go to bed, or in the morning before you go to work…and why.

I’ll refrain from what I do and why until the next post.

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  1. Kyle says:

    In the morning before work… occasionally it’s an evening shower, but that’s usually a one-off. The shower wakes me up and I need that morning shave since I have a heavy beard (and an 11am shadow).

  2. Drew says:

    Morning. I just don’t feel right if I don’t, and my hair is… unruly if I sleep on it wet.

  3. In the morning. I need it to wake up and I need a coffee too. ;)

  4. I shower at night. Can’t stand to go to bed feeling the least bit dirty. The only time I shower in the morning is the days that I work out before work.

  5. Matt Turner says:

    Mornings, every day to help wake me up. I’ll somtimes shower in the evenings during the summer months (what there are of them in England).

  6. Morning. Umm, hair issues.

  7. jazzle says:

    Mornings usually.
    Helps me wake up.

    Evenings when I’ve had some exercise during the day (rather too rare ATM).

  8. Cuccu says:

    Usually in the morning, but occasionally at night if I want to be warm when I get in bed. But I never wash my hair at night.

  9. Jeff Smith says:

    Defintely mornings, I can’t start my day properly without a nice hot shower. It gives my brain time to wake up so I’m not completely out to lunch when I get to work.

  10. Stephane says:

    I always shower in the evening, I feel dirty from the day’s work (or any sports I’ve done), so I like to sleep clean. Also I prefer taking my time in the morning so a shower creates too much of a rush.

  11. chrispian says:

    Strange question, I like it! I fall in the morning category as well. Don’t feel “awake” until I’ve showered in the morning. I often take a quick shower in the evening after work outs or other things like that. Risking TMI, if I can smell myself I can’t sleep so I must shower first, lol. But even when I shower at night I always shower again in the morning. The only time I don’t shower in the morning is when getting a hair cut, on those days I shower after the cut.

  12. Jeffrey Cox says:

    Morning for me. It helps me wake up and get going; ready to take on the day.

  13. I sense there is a pending post on how taking a shower at night can save us time in the morning on the way out the door.

    Either way, I go for morning. I thnk everyone is going to have hair issues after sleeping on it. I suppose if I used enough hair gel to literally encase my entire head in a bulletproof shield of plastic, my hair might behave for a few hours. It’s really sad since I don’t even have that much hair.

  14. Sara says:

    In the morning, but only because styling my hair requires a blow-dry. I am jealous of men because I would love to take a nice hot shower before getting into bed, not to mention save all that time in the morning. If I exercise after work, then it’s 2 showers a day because that morning one is still needed.

  15. Jimbo says:

    Always at night… Do it for a week and you’ll wonder how you ever got into bed “with the day still on you”.

  16. Duane says:

    Morning. The hair thing for me, too. I don’t have much, which makes it all the more annoying if you get a couple of bits that just don’t want to behave.

  17. tim says:

    I am a habitual morning showerer. Always a shower in the morning to wake up, clean up, and because it’s a bad hair day if I don’t.

    Evening showers come if I work out late, feel like I am too smelly to stand myself, or can’t sleep.

  18. Aaron says:

    i shower in the morning post-workout. i don’t have hair anymore, but when i did i had to shower in the morning to have any hope of doing anything with it.

  19. Randy Murray says:

    Morning. I shave in the shower (which is a time saver in itself), plus I feel fresher and cleaner to start the day.

  20. Hermann Klinke says:

    I shower in the evening, because I don’t like going to bed “dirty”. Showering in the evening also improves sleep, because the temperature drop is higher when you shower hot.

  21. Chris says:

    Evening, right before bed. It’s relaxing, and I have enough trouble being on time in the morning that anything I can move to the night before helps.

  22. Katy says:

    I always shower when I get home from work in the evenings. It relaxes me and winds me down from a hard days slog. I’d like to shower in the mornings but never seem to leave myself enough time.

  23. steve says:

    I can’t do much of anything in the morning without a shower, it starts my day. I’m very anal about it too. My wife gives me a bit of a hard time, even if I’m sick, or on vacation, or bumming around on the couch all day, I shower.

  24. Brian Rose says:

    I shower every morning. In fact, I can’t leave my apartment without doing so first. When I wake up in the morning, I usually have a huge hair issue, not to mention the fact that I sweat when I sleep.

  25. Angela says:

    Evening! I’m so glad you asked. I don’t like showering bleary-eyed, I’d have to get up a lot earlier, and a good face wash and breakfast are enough to wake me up.
    But I love showering in the evening so that I go to bed clean – I don’t know how pople get in to bed with smelly armpits and dirty feet (especially in summer). Evening showers are also a nice winding-down routine for me, once I’m in the shower I have left the day’s trouble behind and am heading towards sleep mode. The one disadvantage is that my freshly washed ( and dried)hair is at its best at about 11pm, but it’s still worth it.

  26. Jerome says:

    Evening. Just don’t like the feeling of going to bed dirty. Besides, I don’t have the time to shower in the morning.

  27. Jacob says:

    I take a short shower in the morning – it helps me wake up and get the day started. I take a “thorough” shower in the evening, after coming home from a daily bike ride. On days when I know the bike ride won’t happen, I’ll make the morning a little more “thorough.”

  28. Andrea says:

    I shower at night. It would take me an hour I don’t have to blow dry my hair, and six to let it dry naturally, and I hate having wet hair all day.

    I can pretty easily fix weird overnight hair issues with a few spritzes from a bottle of water I keep for just that purpose, and maybe a little conditioner scrunched in to take out the frizz. :)

  29. Gavin says:

    Every morning, unless I wake up really late, I need to to wake up, especially as I have an early start I’m still getting used to, and also because of hair issues.

  30. David says:

    Morning at work after I bike in. Hair never looks right after a nights sleep….

  31. Robin says:

    In winter at night and summer morning. This is based on having a Solar water heater in Israel, and in the Summer the water is still hot in the Morning and in the winter it is cold by morning…it is a financial decision.

  32. Josh says:

    Usually in the morning – but about 3 days a week at night after a run.

  33. Arjan says:

    Morning. I’m not actually awake when I get up, so a (cold) shower is a must. And for hair issues, too. Showering in the evening wakes me up too, so it keeps me awake. Therefore I never shower before I go to bed.

  34. GTD Wannabe says:

    Cool question! Love all the responses too.

    Definitely morning – I’m not human until I shower. And the hair thing. I do like a nice shower at night every now and then, but about the only time I don’t shower in the morning are those days that I stay in my pyjamas all day :) I’ve also been known to shower after a long drive, just to get the road grime off. Can’t wait to read your future post about this!

  35. xema says:

    Before going to bed. Because I have ever done exercise in the evening and i can’t go to bed feeling dirty :)

  36. Ayse says:

    Either one, depending on what is happening the next day and what happened that day. On days when I have to leave the house by 6:30am, I have usually showered the night before. On days when I need to wash my hair (it’s very long and thick and I don’t need to wash it every day), I shower in the morning. When I’m doing house or yard work, I skip a shower until I’ve finished the work. When I unexpectedly get really dirty during the day, I might take an extra shower. And sometimes, when my skin is really dry, I’ll skip a shower in favour of a sink-bath.

  37. Peter says:


    1. Hair
    2. Feel clean
    3. Matches the clean of my underwear.

  38. Patrick says:

    Every morning, definintely. I just feel dirty if I go out before taking a shower, plus it gives me time to wake up fully.

    I also take an evening shower from time to time, especially during summer, after disc golfing, or if I’ve been out jogging.

  39. Mike M says:

    I have always showered in the morning until I moved to the Gulf Coast where I got in the habit of showering in the morning (hair wash) and the evening to get the sweat off (12 months a year). I have since moved away from the Gulf Coast but still do it.

  40. Ward says:

    Mornings. To feel clean and awake (mostly).

  41. Charles says:

    Shower in the morning, definitely need that wake up call – and come on, shaving in the shower is where it’s at. Of course if I participate in any physical activity during the day, I shower thereafter.

  42. thiago says:

    since i live in a tropical county, i bath both in the morning and at night

  43. Jeff says:


    Why anyone would take a nice shower (without one in the morning as well, which is excessive), then get into a nasty bed and roll around in their body oil, skin, mites, and bacteria all night is beyond me. And that’s when the bed is CLEAN.

  44. Jeff says:

    “I don’t have the time to shower in the morning”

    You choose not to make the time to shower in the morning.

  45. Teli says:

    I’d have to go with: both.

    I shower in the morning to wake up and feel fresh and alive.

    I shower at night before I go to bed to wind down and calm my nerves.

    In the morning, the water is usually lukewarm (borderline nippy) whereas, at night the water is usually scathingly hot.

    Interesting question, I’m curious to see what you make of this.

  46. Patrick says:

    In the morning; helps me wake up, and like a lot of people hair issues. But during the summer and high humidity I’ll also shower after I get home from the studio, or especially if shooting on location.

  47. Roger says:

    Evening…I never leave myself enough time in the morning.

  48. Lucas says:

    Both. In the morning before going to work…and in the evening after working out…

  49. Antonio says:

    Morning, I wake up fresh and with the clean clothes I’m good to go.

  50. JamesZ says:

    Shower every day? only every other week 4 me…

    usually in the AM, helps me wake up. I feel a little grimey towards the end of the day if I shower the night before. Also I can’t stand to go to sleep with wet hair.

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