by Josh

This post is me gathering some info for a future post…a survey, if you will.

Basically what I’d like to know is if you shower in the evening, before you go to bed, or in the morning before you go to work…and why.

I’ll refrain from what I do and why until the next post.

157 Comments on Do you shower at night or in the morning?

  1. Dave says:

    Morning, and if I don’t have one I feel gross and sort-of worthless for the rest of the day. It wakes me up and my hair gets all matted and weird during sleep, so that’s nice to fix as well.

  2. Malach says:

    In the morning, after my morning workout (which is most days), and in the evening after martial arts training (3 times a week).

    If I don’t work out in the morning, I shower anyway – it’s part of my morning routine.

  3. Vladimir Cezar says:

    Morning. How would I wake up otherwise?

  4. Brian says:

    Mostly in the morning. It gives me a chance to plan the day and be creative. I solve a ton of problems while showering. While the left brain is busy just doing the cleaning rituals my right brain is free to wander.

  5. Kurt says:

    I shower in the morning because:
    1) I sometimes sweat in my sleep
    2) I need the wakeup in the morning
    3) Like to be fresh for work and not dirty up my nice work clothes

    Exceptions to this are if I do sports activities in the evening.

  6. Colin says:

    usually in the evening although i hate the fact that when i go to bed and wake up my hair is all a mess.

  7. Mark says:

    I shower in the morning…

    Wake up
    Eat a little
    Work out
    Eat a real breakfast
    Leave for work

  8. Helen says:

    Morning. Especially after a night of sex…

  9. Nathan says:

    In the morning DEFINATELY!
    I need my morning shower to wake up, if i don’t have it Im not 100% awake.
    As soon as i wake up i go toilet then shower straight away.
    Showering at night just doesnt feel right, plus my hair is still wet and I get that all over the pillow and so on and so forth.

  10. Sam says:

    Varies. Mostly in the mornings, especially during the summer when I’m all sweaty, and my hair is frequently weird when I wake up.

    If I’m having trouble sleeping, though, I’ll shower in the evening as well – the drop in body temperature when I go to bed halps me drift off to sleep.

    I don’t wash my hair in the shower, though. I moult like crazy. I’ll wet it a bit to help sort it out, but when I wash it it’s normally in a bowl downstairs, unless I have lots of time to remove the carpet from the shower so no-one shouts at me.

  11. Sebastian says:

    At night. I sleep better that way. Feeling clean and cozy. Any hair issues can be resolved in the morning with some wet water. No biggie.
    Besides, I like the “just woke-up messy hair” look.

  12. Nicole says:

    At night. I sleep better, and it saves me time in the morning. I’m really curious about this one.

  13. Nick Brawn says:

    It’s summer in Australia, and because of the heat and the sweat you accumulate during the day, it’s nicer to go to bed clean and showered.

    It’s also one less thing to do in the morning, when you have other things such breakfast and making lunch before going to work.

  14. Sam says:

    I shower every morning. I feel icky if I don’t, and showering makes my hair go normal :)

    Sometimes I’ll have showers during the day or before I go to bed – but not every day. The showers during the day are mostly because it’s really hot (Australian summer) and all sweaty etc, so it’s nice.

  15. Silvia says:

    Evening, always, always, since a child.
    A few years ago, like Thiago, as I also live in a tropical county, I bath both in the morning and at night. A brief shower in the morning 3 or 5 minutes, and 20 min in the evening to go to bed clean and relaxed. Nowadays, I stay at home, so there is no need to use a shower to wake up.
    If my hair is slightly dirt, I love to wash it no matter if it is 2.00AM. In fact, if I wash and use the hair dryer, I sleep and wake up much better!

  16. Lorenzo says:

    I shower in the morning to wake up and at night to sleep better (if feel clean). So I shower 2 times a day..

  17. mike says:

    Morning unless I’ve exercised at night before bed.

    Hair-wise, morning is best. I do have small kids to get out the door on the early side, so time-wise, evening is best.

  18. Mariann says:

    AM because it wakes me up and going to sleep on a head of recently-dried hair is a nightmare of Frankenstein’s Bride proportion. I don’t mind baths at night, especially to relax.

  19. Mar says:

    Twice per day: first time at mornign because of hair washing and emboldening. Second time at night because I like it. It gives me the feeling of completeness (of the day) and helps to relax.

  20. Mark says:

    In the morning for a couple reasons:
    I need it to wake up, even if I was filthy and had to take a shower in the evening my hair feels dirty all day without a morning shower.

    I shave in the shower and my beard grows so fast it has to be in the morning!

    Most work days the 2nd thing I do after arriving at the office (check emails for surprises first) is work-out. Even though I know I’ll need a quick shower afterwards, I still shower when I first get out of bed.

  21. MT says:

    Great question! It’s up there with ‘how many sheets of toilet paper do you use?!’

    I was always a morning showerer, until I moved to Hong Kong’s tropical climate. A day in 40 degree heat and sweaty 95% humidity means showering in the evening is not optional. I still like showering in the morning to wake me up, so, unusual among these comments, I often shower in both the morning and the evening.

  22. Nikolay says:

    I shower in the morning because it helps me to wake up and to be in the mood for my work. And I have greasy hair so I have to shower in the morning.

    But sometimes I shower twice a day. Second time takes place after training.

  23. Kent says:

    Morning always. Evening sometimes. Depends on what I did that day.

  24. cmaine says:

    I like a quick shower in the morning; as others have already said, it’s an eye opener. However, rarely do I have time for that, as I like to sleep a little longer more than the am shower.

    So, mostly, I shower in the late afternoon/early evening while daughters do homework. Or, very, very late at night when everyone else is asleep. I feel as if I’ve snuck in something rather luxurious!

  25. I generally stick to a shower in the morning for the nice wake-me-up to get me ready for the day. And depending on the hubbub of the day I will also take one at night. The evening shower isn’t often, but the morning is mandatory.

  26. Some of both – it always depends on what I’m doing. Sometimes when I’m feeling a bit daring, I’ll shower at night and in the morning. I know. Crazy, eh?

  27. Dave Seah says:

    I am a morning and evening shower. I used to live in a subtropical country, so maybe that’s where I picked it up like some of the other double-showerers. But yeah, going to sleep all icky is gross, and the morning shower tames the hair and is a nice start to the day.

  28. Jordan says:

    Evening ONLY. I’m too feel “dirty” trying to get into bed without showering. I feel more relaxed after I’ve taken a shower and feel like it’s better to sleep on clean sheets. Plus, hair products are just gross to keep in overnight.

  29. Straddler from Evenings to Mornings.

    I haven’t been able to get through nearly all of the above entries, so forgive me if I repeat what’s already been said, but I figured I’d at least add some hard data to the survey: I have been a life-long night showerer because my parents always showered in the morning and, though I had a bathroom all to myself (the glories of only childhood), the availability of water was always a problem. Also, I’ve never ever ever been a morning person, and have actually always prided myself on how quickly I can get from the bed to the door in the mornings – I like to get as much time asleep (at least at the tail-end of things) as possible.

    Lately, though, now that I’m in college (undergrad) and time to shower is harder to come by (I know, I know… just like a LibArts student) and my old routine is constantly disrupted, I’ve found myself finding new rhythm in morning showers for some reason. I can’t say why – perhaps because it’s simply a matter of waking up earlier to find the time, rather than nighttime, where I’m now up as late as I can keep my eyes open, doing reading and writing essays. Nowadays I pack everything I can into the end of the day, the only way to find time for a shower is to start it earlier.

  30. Roger says:

    usually in the morning, after breakfast, after shaving, after using the toilet, after brushing my teeth…..and in the evening if going out to dinner, movie or on a date

  31. jenn says:

    Night. That way I can sleep a a little more in the morning and still get myself and my preschooler ready for the day and out the door on time.

  32. Lolindrath says:

    Morning, then afternoon depending on how sweaty I am after exercising.

  33. I always shower immediately after running (afternoon/evening) and always in the morning. Squeaky clean.

  34. Daniel says:

    Je, je, good question. I am waiting for your explanation in next post.
    My answer is Morning. Reasons? Same as everybody.
    In case I feel dirty, I can also shower at night.
    In Madrid we usually say “that man is so dirty he must shower everyday”…

  35. adam says:

    In the morning, to wake me up. Plus I feel gross if I don’t.

    Occasionaly, I’ll take an additional shower at night, but that’s usally just to relax.

    Odd how something like a shower can serve two opposite purposes.

  36. Pedro says:

    In the morning before work and usually another before going to bed.

  37. Josh says:

    I shower in the mornings. If I don’t, my hair is a mess.

    I also just feel icky if I don’t shower in the morning.

  38. Mark says:

    In the morning based on habit and hair’s unwillingness to do otherwise. But, most of my exercise in the evening so I get showers there most nights too.

  39. I shower in the morning, it makes me feel better.

  40. I have to shower in the morning or else my hair sticks up funny all day and nothing seems to get it to lay flat.

  41. Jeff Heath says:

    Both. Clean in the morning! Clean at night!

  42. ryan says:

    In the evening after my training session. If not training.. then I might take the shower in the morning.

  43. Harmony says:

    Always at night, usually right after work if I’m not going anywhere for two reasons – I hate blowdrying my hair and never have time for it in the morning, so if I wash it in the early evening it’s dry by the time I go to sleep.

    Also it’s a good way of mentally detatching from the day, I just don’t feel like I’ve chilled out enough if I’m still in my work clothes by bed time.

  44. Jamee says:

    Morning. Need it to wake up.

  45. Scott says:

    For me it’s generally in the morning. My hair looks silly and my (lengthy) goatee is hard to manage otherwise. Also, as someone who abstains from coffee and other such beverages, I appreciate any assitance I can get with waking up. A shower in the morning usually helps.

  46. Hinch says:

    Morning. Hopefully removes “gym smell”.

  47. John B says:

    Morning. Bedhead (CPAP strap-hair for the last year and a half).

  48. impdr says:

    Mornings, always. Bad bed hair otherwise.
    Then again if going out at night.
    But never before bed.

  49. MichaelD says:

    Not a single morning without a shower.
    Impossible to wake up without one.

  50. trailpal says:

    During winter with its short days – morning showers . I wake up better and my hair is fresh for work.

    During summer with its longer days – often evening showers as I go horseback riding/mucking etc after work and want to go to bed clean. And my hair dries well enough not to wake up with “bedhead”.

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