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admin on November 29th, 2005

by Keith I’ve been doing a bit of research into health type stuff recently. My wife and I are in pretty good shape but we’ve been letting things slip a bit of late. Probably all the stress from the wedding, new business, buying a house, etc. It’s not that big a surprise that we’ve turned […]

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admin on October 24th, 2005

By Bob Walsh So you’re Getting Things Done, you’ve defined your projects, implemented your productivity processes and are humming right along with the future’s so bright you need sunglasses, right? Maybe not. Are you actually being productive? Or do you think your being productive while all your time is being nibbled away by non-productive activities? […]

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admin on October 11th, 2005

By Bob Walsh One of the key tenets of Getting Things Done is getting your head clear so you focus on getting things done. Nowadays, with text, audio and video feeds from every major and minor news organization a click away, Google News, news alerts, RSS, IM and all the rest, you have about as […]

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admin on October 5th, 2005

By Bob Walsh In my seemingly never-ending search for ways of Getting (more) Things Done, I’ve hit upon a pretty good method I call Butterfly Stroke Productivity. Now I will be the first to admit my swimming techniques look more like drowning than the Thorpedeo, but Butterfly Stroke Productivity (BSP) works and has been keeping […]

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Britt Parrott on October 3rd, 2005

By Britt Parrott Having spent a good part of my life living with people who tend to misplace things, I’ve noticed a general tendency whenever such an event occurs. Panic immediately set in. A person who has misplaced something panics in accordance with the importance of the item misplaced. Here’s an example based in part […]

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admin on September 22nd, 2005

By John Zeratsky Modern technology is often blamed for adding complexity to our lives. I frequently hear references to “a simpler time” before we had computers, PDAs, cell phones and home theaters. Well, that’s a bunch of crap!

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admin on September 20th, 2005

By Keith I’m a firm believer that work should be fun. Hopefully lots of it. However, we all know there are way to many tasks, even in a fun job, that simply are no fun to do. Anything you have to do routinely, for example, can be a drag. Checking and responding to e-mail, answering […]

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