admin on December 18th, 2005

It’s been a really crazy holiday season for me and despite lots of advance planning I’m still finding myself behind the ball when it comes to gifts and such. One of the things I wanted to have done by now was having sent out a holiday card. No such luck.

I thought that maybe a few of you might be in the same boat, so I wanted to share an idea with you. In years past I’d always take some time and create an online “gift” of some kind. It was always well received and was something that I could take my time with because delivery was almost instantaneous. This year, while I don’t have the time I used to, I can use this idea to make sure I’ve got something going out to friends in family that’ll get there before the season is too far gone.

Creating a holiday Web “gift” is easier than ever and I’ve got a few ideas for you:

* Create a special holiday Flickr photostream. This is something you can make private if you wish. You can include messages and captions with your photos and allow people to reply with holiday greetings of their own.
* Do a holiday blog post (or two, or three). Getting a blog is a piece of cake. You can use a hosted service like Blogger or or you can get your own domain and host it yourself. Dreamhost has good, cheap domain and hosting services with one-click installs of WordPress.
* Create a slideshow. I did this a few years ago and it was a big hit. It was a lot of work, but now with products like Slideshow Pro this kind of thing is pretty easy.

I’m still not 100% sure what I’ll do this year for friends and family, but I’m really glad I’ve got the WWW to help me out of a time crunch. Nothing like next-to-instant communication. Speaking of which – HAPPY HOLIDAYS EVERYONE!

Feel free to share your own “Webby” holiday ideas in the comments, you may provide me with some creative energy to do something completely different this year.

admin on November 29th, 2005

by Keith

I’ve been doing a bit of research into health type stuff recently. My wife and I are in pretty good shape but we’ve been letting things slip a bit of late. Probably all the stress from the wedding, new business, buying a house, etc. It’s not that big a surprise that we’ve turned to food and booze to take the edge off! Oh, and the holidays don’t help. Seems like everyone is ready with a beer or some delicious eats that goes straight to your waistline.

But it goes beyond keeping the weight down. The holidays and cold weather can do a real number on you in lots of ways.

One of the things I’m going to try really hard to do this winter is not get sick again. I’ve been under the weather on and off for the past week and I’m bound and determined to put a stop to that. Luckily there are all sorts of resources that offer advice on keeping fit through the winter months. I’ve compiled a list of tips for those of you who, like me, want to get a head start on your healthy New Year’s resolution.

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Britt Parrott on November 22nd, 2005

by Britt Parrott

Whenever you’re about to embark on a large project—be it writing a novel, redesigning a website, or painting a masterpiece—finding a place to begin can cause anxiety that prevents you from moving forward.

While some planning is necessary before beginning a project, too much planning can allow doubts and second thoughts to cloud your vision. If you find yourself having trouble writing the first sentence or drawing the first line, skip that step. The best place to start is often not at the beginning. Read the rest of this entry »

admin on November 15th, 2005

By Keith

I want to thank everyone who shared their experiences with Instant Messaging. The results weren’t all that surprising, but I find it interesting to read how others use IM.

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admin on November 9th, 2005

By Keith

In starting my own business I’ve noticed that trying to establish or stick to a routine is very helpful in keeping everything as stress-free as possible. It’s very hard to do and I’ve had to slow way down on some fronts to stay sane.

(Hell, to simply have a moments peace!)

I’ve noticed in the last few weeks it’s become harder and harder for me to keep up with all my obligations. I went through another of my “quitting exercises” and that should help a bit. I also spent some time creating and formalizing a loose weekly schedule for myself.

I fully expect this to be a big help, provided I can keep it intact, as it will further allow me to focus by setting aside time for activities that need it. I figured it might be fun and educational to share that schedule and get your thoughts on it.

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admin on November 3rd, 2005

I’ve got a theory about Instant Messaging but in order to fully explore it, I need your help. I’d love to know how and when you use IM. A few questions to get you started:

How many times per day you have a conversation via IM? Do you hardly ever IM? Or do you find yourself having multiple conversations throughout the day? I’m also curious to know if those conversations are trivial or are they something you find integral to your day. Do you talk to friends, family, coworkers?

Anything you can tell me would be of great interest to me. Once I’ve got some feedback I’m going to post the results as well as talk a bit about my IM theory. Thanks in advance!

admin on November 1st, 2005

By Bob Walsh

All too often when people like me extol the benefits of apply Getting Things Done we try to accentuate the positive, pointing out all the good things about it. Well, there’s the flip side too, and its probably time you heard about it:

Not Getting Things Done is not just inefficient in a world that punishes inefficiency, it’s a guaranteed stress-filled existence that will shorten your life and make your remaining years miserable.


* Forty-three percent of all adults suffer adverse health effects from stress.
* Seventy-five to 90% of all doctor’s office visits are for stress-related ailments and complaints.
* Stress is linked to six of the leading causes of death: heart disease, cancer, lung ailments, accidents, cirrhosis of the liver, and suicide.


Stress will make you fat, stress will make you ugly, stress will kill you. While the younger you are the easier it is to shrug off a stressful week, the older you are the more you realize what stress costs you.

The tagline to David Allen’s first book is “The Art of Stress-Free Productivity” for a reason. Learning how to be productive and as stress free as you can in this day and age isn’t a way of getting ahead, it’s a way of staying alive.

Author Bio: Bob Walsh divides his time between improving and selling MasterList Professional, a personal task management application, writing a book for Apress (Micro-ISV: From Vision to Reality) on how to start a self-funded startup, blogging here and at, writing custom software applications for companies with needs and budgets and trying to remember what the words “time off” and “vacation” mean. He can be reached at [email protected].